“Water Heating & Cooling solutions- Storage Calorifiers, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps and Solar Panels
In accordance with PED(European Pressure Equipment Directive) or British Standard or ASME based on request.

VERSOL Products are manufacturing in our facilities in UK, Italy and Poland with collective experience more than 25 years in Design, Production and Quality Control”


As specialists in the design and installation of HVAC services, Versol Ltd can handle any challenge that is set to us. Versol has the expertise to deliver a total solution for any bespoke HVAC application. Versol has successfully delivered innovative and bespoke engineering solutions to many companies, building a reputation along the way for reliability, integrity and on-time completion. Our flexible approach to your individual needs means that we are able to provide cutting-edge solutions to almost any task we are set. We can help to ensure that your processes are performing to their optimum level and give you the most cost effective solutions by providing initial design, project management and installation services as a package. We will also make sure that your systems running as cost effectively and energy efficiently as possible.

Versol is committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We believe in demonstrating a commitment to quality management, allowing our customers to receive the highest standards of service. Our commitment is underpinned by an external accreditation to ISO 9001:2000, an internationally recognised quality management system. To ensure that quality assurance is an integral part of all business functions and decision-making processes Versol has developed its own quality management system. It ensures that specific objectives, goals and procedures are systematically incorporated into all other procedures relating to the operational, administrative, financial, and other support functions of the business. This allows, quality, environmental, and health and safety implications to be considered in a coherent manner across the business.

At Versol we work closely with customers and other business stakeholders to deliver innovative programmes and services. The company is committed to a structured approach to the management of its activities, ensuring compliance with BS ISO 14001:2004. As an ISO 14001 company we have the processes and procedures in place to support you on your environmental initiatives and legal compliance. Versol understands that to manage our activities in an environmentally responsible manner makes sound business sense and demonstrates a commitment to the principles of sustainability, managed energy usage and the prevention of pollution. The most significant part of this is for Versol to remain committed to providing an environmentally sustainable service to our Customers. The company continually strives to improve environmental performance however where aspects of our activities unavoidably adversely impact the environment, all reasonable care will be taken to mitigate those impacts.